Help us with developement

If you understand game programming and know something about C++ and SDL you can help us with coding. If you want to help please check out the TODO file and let us know about your work. If you have some ideas about improving the code feel free to tell us. We will welcome any new developers.

You can help us with graphics as well. Though we have one main graphics designer because of graphic style uniformity, you can still help him with some stuff. You should mail or jabber him.

The last way and probably the most wanted way of contribution these days is the storywriting contribution. We are looking for people crazy enough to think out crazy stories and plots. The knowledge of Rastafari is also quite important. In the best case we would like to welcome some guy directly from Jamaica because of the Jamaican language that is needed in game for authenticity. But we will welcome any guy interested in rastafari anyway. Feel free to let us know.

If some interesting idea will just come out while you play the game you can also use our feature request list on Sourceforge.


If you like what we guys are doing you can also please us with any kind of donation. I'm not talking just about money - more likely I expect you to send us some postcards or some Rasta things or some herb seeds maybe =). If you still want to give us some money you can use donating system on Sourceforge. If we recieve any of your gifts we will surely let anybody know here on this site. The money we get from you will be used for purchasing rasta books and maybe for upgrading our machines.

Thank you for any kind of contribution or donation.

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Keep on Struggling

First Struggle developement meeting took place in Kuncice pod Ondrejnikem, CZ

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