Struggle is a single player adventure game about rastafari and other things connected with Jamaica and Africa. Unfortunetaly it is still in planning state though there are some of sources available. Anyway our plan is to create a world with a lot of plots and quests all related to rastafari, reggae music, herb etc. You will roam that tropical island and fight against Babylon while listening to one drop and nyahbinghi music. Your brethren and sistren will surely help you in your struggle. Nevertheless every man shall have the right to decide his own destiny so you can be living ital or you can meet the real babylonian wickedness. Only your deeds matters and can lead you to that peace of land far away of Babylon. See you at holy Mount Zion.

One Love, Ras Mike
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Keep on Struggling

First Struggle developement meeting took place in Kuncice pod Ondrejnikem, CZ

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