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Struggle is a single player adventure game embedded into a tropical island somewhere in Caribeean where a small rastafari community live and enjoy its livity. You, as a member of this community, are to solve many rasta related mysteries.

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[12/09/2007] Keep on Struggling

As you could have noticed, this site didn't change much in the past year. The fact is that we were busy and it's needed to say that we neglect Struggle developement a little bit. But we didn't forget!

We are back to work on Struggle and we are going to write it from scratch. There were a lot of dead ends in previous Struggle developement and to avoid them we need to prepare the new data model. This is the first milestone we have to achieve to proceed to actual coding.

Nevertheless I still afraid that this project could be abandoned. You never know - I still have less and less free time and so on. But I would be sorry to see this project die so I decided to introduce regular meetings for checking the progress. Notes from meetings will be published on wiki.

I hope that we can achieve what we promised to ourselves and we can have cool opensource rastafari game. Jah Love

[26/08/2006] First Struggle developement meeting took place in Kuncice pod Ondrejnikem, CZ

On Friday I mon and rasta Metan met and made some essential decisions on struggle developement. We also talked about websites that are about to be out finally. There has been a discussion about next developement meeting that will sure take place somewhere in the open country. We'll take some drums and guitars - we need to do something about the story in struggle so I hope we will find some inspiration. Anybody is welcomed.

[26/08/2006] We have a website!

The Struggle project has a website now. We have to give great thanks to THC who made that cool webdesign. We will try to concentrate all important information about Struggle here.

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Keep on Struggling

First Struggle developement meeting took place in Kuncice pod Ondrejnikem, CZ

We have a website!